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Tips for Selling Waterfront Properties

Selling a waterfront property is about more than just selling the home - real estate agents have to sell the lifestyle that goes along with it. This means capturing the key features of the property using specific tactics while marketing to the right group of people. Want to know how you can do this effectively? Keep reading to learn more!

Identify the ‘Who’

When selling a waterfront property, it’s a necessity for agents to understand who they’re marketing to. Oftentimes, a searching buyer might consider a waterfront property depending on the body of water. Other features like the view, boat access, or a private beach could also be a major advantage of the listing. It’s important for the agent to understand these features in order to market to the correct type of buyer. Consider the factors of the home in order to identify the ‘who’ and get started with your marketing strategy accordingly!

Stage the Waterfront

Since the biggest draw on the property is the waterfront itself, it’s important to stage it correctly. An excess of bushes and trees will distract from the views of the water, so encourage your sellers to landscape the property correctly. Then, stage the property with boats, kayaks, umbrellas, beach chairs, and so on. The combination of these two actions will maximize the visibility of the waterfront while also allowing potential buyers to get a full view of the outdoor lifestyle. This will also help them visualize themselves in the home!

Market the Right Way

As with all listings, waterfront properties need the right form of photography and videography to accurately depict features in the home. Hire a professional to capture the interior of the home and to highlight the very best of the exterior. Exterior shots are a vital component of photography with waterfront properties since it has the primary features you will market. If possible, also include a quality video of the listing to capture the stunning nature of the waterfront lifestyle. Once your content has been created, start marketing the home online and in print!

Consider the suggestions above to see what you can do to maximize your efforts and get the most out of your marketing. Make sure that you’re confident in the state of the property, your marketing material, and the targeted audience for your marketing. Once you and your sellers are ready, start marketing the waterfront lifestyle!

Upcoming Local Events

To celebrate Earth Day in 2021, join the Earth to Autism organization in a beach clean-up! Be a part of the movement on April 24th at 9:00 AM on St. Pete Beach.

For more information about the event, visit the Earth Day Beach Clean Up Facebook page.


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