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Metro Bridge Solutions

Unlock your home value without moving.

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Traditionally, buying a new home has often been contingent on selling your existing home. Metro Bridge makes that a thing of the past – now you can buy before you sell.

Move into your new home first with the financial benefit of selling your existing property on the open market afterward. With Metro Bridge Solutions, you can take the first step in securing your financial future.

More and more American homeowners are increasingly ignored by banks and other lenders and when they need access to money, they are locked out. Metro Bridge Solutions solves those problems by providing American homeowners with a new way to access the equity they have built up in their homes; we are helping homeowners achieve their financial goals by providing flexible, quick access to their equity while remaining in the home they love.


Learn more about how Metro Bridge Solutions can create a flexible plan for you and your future.

How it Works


Get Pre-Funded

In less than five minutes, provide all necessary information to get the pre-funding and pre-approval process started.


Make a Cash Offer

Spend your time where it counts – finding the perfect home. And the best part? Make a winning offer with Metro Bridge funds to lock in your next home. In this competitive market, cash offers are more attractive to sellers as they face fewer roadblocks – and can even command a lower price. A Metro agent will help get you started on your search.


Move Into Your New Home

Metro Bridge will close on your new home so you can move in and lease it back until you sell your old home – without the financial risk of two mortgages. This provides an opportunity to secure your next home now. Your lease ends the moment you purchase your new home from. 


List Your Existing Home

Take your time preparing your existing home to list, then sell for full market value - without the traditional hassle of showings while you live there


Close on Your New Home

Once your existing home sells, secure your mortgage loan and buy your new home back from Metro bridge at the original price. 

Make Your Home

Equity Work for You

For most Americans, their home is the single biggest asset they own, and for many, it is the largest portion of their net worth. But that same asset can also weigh homeowners down, preventing them from paying off outstanding debts, renovating, affording a down payment for a new home, or starting a new business. We buy your house, providing you with the cash you need for a variety of scenarios and life events while you stay in your home as a renter. 

Most companies are creating transactions - we’re creating solutions. We’re empowering American homeowners, enhancing their financial security and freedom. 

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Accessing Your Equity

Your Clients Have New Options

When it comes to accessing or converting your equity, all have the same purpose: to put cash in your pockets. But there are many more factors to consider:


  • How much money can I get?

  • How fast can I get this money?

  • Can I qualify for this option?

  • Do I get to stay in my house, or do I have to move?

  • Will this fulfill my financial and personal goals?

Metro Bridge Solutions now offers homeowners a new option to convert their equity to cash. Metro Bridge quickly grew to be a trusted nationwide brand by bringing sale-leasebacks to the residential home market. Whether you are moving in the short-term or plan to stay in your current house for a while, homeowners can access their home-value with our sale-leaseback options. Metro Bridge has far fewer restrictions than a traditional lender, all while enabling you to stay in your home and community.

What is a Sale-Leaseback and How Can Metro Bridge Solutions Help?

A sale-leaseback, much like the name implies, is a transaction where you sell your home to Metro Bridge but remain in the home as a tenant. Metro Bridge’s products offer these main benefits:

Access to your equity, in a quicker far less restrictive way

Retain the appreciation of your house


Gain financial security without the disruption of moving

The Metro Bridge Solutions Mission

We aim to help as many homeowners as we can. We look at your entire credit profile, not just credit score or income type.

We are changing the way you unlock home equity. Metro Bridge streamlines the process,
removing the need for banks, loans, or moving while getting you the money you need.

We buy your home and lease it back to you at market rent, giving you time and flexibility.

Let’s break down both the traditional lending, home-sale, and Metro Bridge options, and see which one best fits your needs.


Traditonal Home Sale

Home Equity Loan/HELOC

Reverse Mortgage

Access Up to 100% of Your Home Value
Cash Out in Fewer
Than 3 Weeks
No Credit Score or
DTI Requirements
Remain in Home
No Age Restrictions

Metro Bridge Solutions

Ready to get started?

Get a Personalized Plan

We’ll provide a plan that gets you up to 75% of your home equity in cash upfront plus the time and flexibility to figure out your next steps.

Sign and Access Your Cash

We complete the due diligence process and a home appraisal to ensure we can complete the transaction. Once all documents are signed and the sale is complete, you’ll receive your cash.

Stay in Your


You stay in your home while you figure out your next steps. Metro Bridge customers have a range of options including selling the house on the market and moving out to access their remaining home value plus any appreciation, or repurchasing their home when they’re ready.

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