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Successful Habits for Real Estate Agents in 2021

The real estate industry is incredibly fast-paced and competitive - especially in 2021. With a continuously changing market and the introduction of new business practices, agents have to work smarter to stay on top of the competition. This year, agents can use new habits to encourage success in their business. Keep reading below to find out what habits you can use to maintain success in 2021!

Focus on Lead Generation

A major component of real estate is lead generation. An agent who works to continuously produce leads is an agent who maintains business. While open houses and websites are important aspects of real estate, agents need to focus on lead generating tactics in order to drive traffic to other areas of their business. Work on networking, social media, content creation, and even paid ads to encourage constant lead generation. Master lead generation sources and build a sphere of influence to establish yourself as a successful agent. This will guide clients to your business and encourage constant contact in your industry-related activities.

Utilize Tools

Many brokerages have free, helpful tools for agents to use to further their business. RE/MAX Metro has a library of tools exclusive to their agents that can be used on a daily basis. CRM and website tools, marketing efforts, listing services, agent education, and lead capture tools are available to all Metro agents through various platforms and services. Outside of the brokerage, there are also various tools available to agents online. Look to utilize tools that encourage lead generation, networking, and expanded reach in various communities. This will increase business and establish successful efforts in your business.

Be Prepared for Anything!

The real estate industry is affected by countless worldwide factors. Because the market can be so unpredictable, agents need to be prepared for any and all changes. Inventory, interest rates, and competition can all have an impact on the way you operate your business. However, flexibility and preparedness will set agents up for success in their business, regardless of the changes that may come their way! Work to be knowledgeable on all areas of the business and become a prepared agent. This will set you apart from the competition and make you an immediate asset for clients. Plus, it will provide you with the confidence to operate successfully in your business!

Are you looking for some new tools to help you expand your reach, increase your industry knowledge, and generate more business? Contact the RE/MAX Metro team and get access to some of the best tools in the industry!

Upcoming Local Events

In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, Sundial is hosting a free yoga event on March 20th from 9-10 AM! In the Sundial Courtyard this Saturday, Body Electric Yoga will bring their best instructors to lead the event. Bring your yoga mat or a towel and be sure to wear green!

For more information about the event, visit the Free March Yoga Facebook page here!


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