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How can RE/MAX Metro agents get free leads?

Looking for some free marketing for your live listings? RE/MAX Metro will run digital listing ads on your behalf! We will start your ad with a FREE $25 ad spend that you can increase if you desire based upon ad performance. Beyond the potential lead generation opportunity, this is a powerful way to show your clients and potential clients additional value. Sending the ad as well as the performance data to your sellers will give you a huge leg up on your competition.

Did you know that Megaphone creates free ads for each of your listings? Through MAX Center,  Megaphone  takes   your   listing

and creates a free social media ad to help your business grow! All leads generated by the ads are sent directly to your booj account.

To unlock this incredible, free marketing opportunity, agents must first meet with our team. In just 30 minutes, we’ll show you some of the amazing tools available to you in MAX Center. Plus, you’ll learn exactly how to find all of the leads you get from these free marketing tools! Then, we’ll get started on your ad!



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Megaphone Ads

As one of the amazing tools available to RE/MAX Metro agents, Megaphone runs free ads for every one of your listings! Plus, you can extend the ads to increase results. 

All of the leads captured from these ads can be found in your booj account! 


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Link Clicks


Site Visits

Facebook Ads

When you opt into RE/MAX Metro's lead program, you get incredible data for listing presentations, business promotion, and growth. All ads are customize specifically for you and your listing! 

Contact our team to get started! 

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