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Can Branding Revolutionize your Sales?

Branding yourself is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the competition in the real estate industry! By creating a brand that is specific to your business, you can create marketing material, social media content, and a personalized website using your assets. Your consistent brand will help establish you as a recognizable agent in the community. In turn, this will increase your chances of having a client remember your name when it comes time to buy or sell! Want to learn more about creating a personal brand? Keep reading below!

Iconic Logos

There are many ways to set yourself apart from other agents. A great place to start is by applying a unique logo to your channels! Think about local icons, community-appropriate images, or even a specific area you want to encapsulate in your logo. For Florida-based real estate agents, there are countless beach-related subjects to choose from! Find something that accurately represents you and your business. For example, an agent who works waterfront properties and enjoys boating might include a life preserver in their logo. Once you’ve found the perfect icon, move on to the color palette!

The Color Wheel

A key element in establishing a consistent brand is selecting the right colors. After you’ve considered the area, community, or theme you want to capture, get started on selecting the right color palette. Look for ways to mix and match colors to create a selection of three to five colors to use in your branding. Be sure that the colors don’t clash with each other, but offer enough variety for you to create different looks in your material. If you need ideas to help you get started, go to Canva Colors and input an inspiration image or browse existing palette options. Remember - consistency is vital in good branding. Make sure you choose colors that you can stick to in the long run!

Trending Fonts

The final step in creating a brand that represents you is selecting a font style. This font can be used on different channels and marketing materials, so it’s important to find one that is easily legible and professional. Some agents will select a serif and a script font to alternate between on their materials to provide some variety. Look for fonts that are trending online or in the industry to apply to your brand. Sites like 1001 Free Fonts offer hundreds of fonts for free download. However, some of these fonts are for personal use only, so be sure to select one that can be used for branding. Or, purchase the font you like to use for any purpose. Once you find the perfect font, your public brand is ready to go live!

It can take a lot of consideration to build out the best brand for your business. Consider other local brands and find inspiration from their efforts! Then, create the perfect brand to represent you and your business.

Upcoming Local Events

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