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Social Media Platforms that are Actually Worth Your Time

Social media can act as an excellent tool for agents to grow their business. However, many agents have limited time to spend on each of the “relevant” social media platforms out today. Plus, not all platforms may be worth extensive amounts of time. So which social media sites should you actually take the time to be active on? Keep reading to find out!


One of the best social media platforms for real estate agents is Facebook. Many people already have a Facebook account to connect with friends, family, and businesses. Buyers and sellers often turn to platforms like Facebook to see which agents are active and compatible with themselves. For this reason, agents should prioritize a Facebook account to ensure maximum coverage online. Additionally, Facebook is an excellent tool for running online ads. Agents can utilize Facebook ads to expand their audience, dip into new communities, and increase brand awareness. Facebook is also a great place to share both pictures and videos. Agents should work to post at least two to four times a month on their business and/or personal pages.


Arguably the next best platform for agents to use is Instagram. Similar to Facebook, many buyers and sellers already have an active account on the platform. Instagram focuses on posting high quality photos, Instagram Reels, and Stories. While agents don’t have to post as frequently on Instagram as they would on Facebook, features like Instagram give users the option to be as active as they want. Because Facebook owns Instagram, agents who run Facebook ads can carry over those same ads onto Instagram for no additional cost. Agents can also use hashtags, location tags, and user interactions to increase reach and work with niche communities. Instagram users should aim to make posts at least one to three times a month, and Instagram Stories at least once a week.


Not all social media platforms require weekly, or even monthly, interactions to promote true success. LinkedIn is a great example of a site that may need only two to six posts a year for maintenance. While LinkedIn may not produce the same level of engagement as Facebook and Instagram, it's a good idea to show your activity on the platform to prove your activity as a real estate agent. LinkedIn is used primarily for businesses or to showcase career skills and experience. As a sort of “online resume,” your LinkedIn profile can be updated occasionally with listings and business milestones. Post a few times a year to illustrate activity and relevance.

Social media can be a vital component of business for real estate agents in 2021. Try to post listing photos, industry related topics, and even personal business stories on each of the platforms. Also, be sure to interact with other users on the platform for maximum engagement. With the right time and attention to your social media accounts, you have the potential to truly grow your business online!

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