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Top IDX Supported Website Builders

Websites can act as an invaluable tool for real estate agents in our current world. Agents can promote listings, write blogs, offer industry-related information, and even gather leads from their websites. There are many different website builders available for agents to use to create an effective website with ease. However, not all platforms support IDX, which is the key program that allows you to connect your website with the MLS to illustrate your listings on the site. Curious to know which builder would work best for you? Keep reading below!


The builder Squarespace is a user-friendly, accessible program with incredible templates and tools available to the user. With countless customization options and no start-up costs, Squarespace is an excellent option for agents to create a simple yet effective site. The simplicity of the navigation and editing side of the program makes it easy to create a website with limited design knowledge. Many of the templates look modern, minimalistic, and clean, yet offer many options for personalization. Squarespace has template options for blogs, products, information, real estate, and many other website themes. It’s a wonderful builder option for creating a real estate website!


Like Squarespace, WordPress is a free website builder with countless tools offered to meet the user’s needs. While arguably more complex than a builder like Squarespace, the HTML coding and true customization in various aspects of the site allows for deep personalization. WordPress recognizes that its users have unique, diverse needs for their websites, so the tools and features are built to satisfy them. This program has many plans available when it comes time to upgrade, which allows for even more customization on the site. Plus, the WordPress app provides users with edit abilities from anywhere. Agents frequently turn to WordPress to meet their real estate website needs.

Not every builder supports IDX…

Although some website builders do not support IDX technology, programs like Wix are still viable options. Specifically, Wix provides for advanced customization and countless templates for free, all without the difficulties of complicated coding. While Wix is not currently supported by IDX, there are tools available that provide for listing photos and information to be grouped similarly on the site via manual entry. Beyond this, Wix has detailed options for other site features like blogs, forums, direct emailing, and many more.

Agents have many builders at hand to effectively create a website without breaking the bank. Depending on the specific needs of the agent, builders that support IDX technology may be unnecessary. Consider your needs and make sure you select the program that works best for you!

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