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Stir Up Excitement for your Listings

In the real estate world, listings are what makes an agent! In order to make the sale, agents have to promote and inform buyers about the property. But without the right approach, promoting listing after listing online can become repetitive. Are you looking for new ways to build up some excitement for your listings? Keep reading to learn more!

Behind the Scenes

In Hollywood, film studios create teaser trailers for their movies to generate hype. Think of your listings in a similar way! By posting sneak previews of upcoming listings or behind the scenes shots of your business, you can build up tension and keep your audience compelled! Post short videos or limited pictures to Facebook and Instagram Stories to let your audience know what’s coming up next. Also, try using some of Instagram’s Story features to engage with your following, like the slidebar or poll features. You can also post your behind the scenes content to Instagram Stories to let your audience follow along with the updates!


Another great way to build up your listing is with countdowns. This will let your audience know when and where the listing can be scene! Create Facebook events or Instagram Story Countdowns to invite your followers to a showing or open house. Include some limited information in your Facebook events to keep your audience curious and engaged. Post Countdowns to your Story every few days to remind your following of the event and give them time to plan accordingly!

Boosted Posts

Online ads are arguably one of the best ways to stir up excitement for your listing. Boost a Facebook post to create a simple ad that showcases the listing with some basic information included in the caption. This will allow you to reach people and communities in a much larger scale. Use high-quality photos for the ad and even a picture of yourself at the listing! Then, set your locations for the ad to the specific cities you want to reach and put in your desired budget. Boosted posts will help you reach a larger audience size depending on the duration and budget you select! Additionally, your ad will produce a list of insights that you can present to your clients to show them the number of eyes you got on their home!

In order to get people excited about your new listing, you have to first let them know that you have a listing! The first step towards promoting is to actually put out content for your audience to look at and engage with. Get posting and have fun with it!

Upcoming Local Events

Localtopia returns to St. Petersburg for the 8th annual year on Saturday, February 20th! As St. Pete’s largest “Community Celebration of All Things Local," Localtopia is sure to bring about great music, food, drink, vendors, and community. Be sure to visit William's Park on Saturday, February 20th between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM to take part in the incredible event!

For more information, please visit the Localtopia Website.


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