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Planning for the Unpredictable

For many companies all over the globe, business today looks vastly different from business a year ago. The changing circumstances of the world bring a level of unpredictability that can leave business owners feeling lost and unsure. For real estate agents, this is just as true. So how can you create plans in such an uncertain time? Keep reading to learn how you can plan for the unpredictable!

Increase Education

There’s no way to know exactly how things will pan out in the long run. For that reason, it’s a good idea to start educating yourself in different areas to prepare for the unexpected. Start looking into subjects that you’re not well versed in and see how you can learn more about them! For example, you could learn how to set up your own Facebook or Google ads in order to increase brand awareness or highlight a new listing. Another idea is to start working towards understanding your social media audience in order to get the most engagement out of your posts. If there’s something you could gain a better understanding of in order to further your business, now is the best time to start learning about it. Watch YouTube videos, read blogs, reach out to contacts or experts, and go above and beyond to make yourself a more knowledgeable agent. Increasing your knowledge will improve the way you run your business!

Set Goals

Although change is an inevitable part of the real estate industry, agents should always try to set goals for themselves and their business. Think of some realistic goals you can work to accomplish throughout the year and start working towards them! If you want to send out more print material this year, pick a number of listings you want to highlight for the quarter and start planning that out. For some, it can be motivating to set some idealistic goals as well. These goals may be difficult to achieve or slightly unrealistic, but may motivate you to further your business and even accomplish the objective. Use goals to keep yourself moving forward and working to achieve new heights as a real estate agent.

Stay Flexible

Today, we’re navigating through an ever-changing business world. Even with all the planning and goals we create for ourselves, there’s no way to predict exactly how things will unfold. Real estate agents have to stay flexible in order to maintain a successful business. Be ready for rules to change and for plans to become disrupted - and don’t let it discourage you! Flexibility will allow you to roll with the punches and come up with new ways to keep yourself afloat. If you’re able to maintain flexibility in your business, you’ll set yourself apart as an agent who can easily adapt and come up with creative solutions to difficult situations. This is an excellent skill to apply to both business and life!

In short, there’s no true way to plan for the unpredictable. However, you can work towards preparing yourself for changes while still keeping the momentum necessary to propel your business forward. If you need help motivating or planning for the upcoming year, reach out to our team for assistance!


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