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5 festive pop-by ideas for real estate agents this holiday season

The holidays are a great time to show your clients how much you appreciate their business — and what better way to do that than with a festive small client gift?

It’s simply a small thoughtful gesture to drop off at a client’s home with no specific purpose other than to spread some holiday cheer.

5 of our favorite ideas for this holiday season

Not sure what to get your clients as a pop-by or token of your appreciation?

1. A holiday-themed cookie platter

Everyone loves cookies, right? Why not bake up a big batch of your favorites and deliver them to your clients on a festive platter or in a holiday tin? Be sure to include a few different types of cookies, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Include a note like, “No matter how the cookie crumbles, clients like you are the best part of my business!

Not a baker? No worries! Shop local and find a fantastic bakery to support that can help you. They’re sure to bring smiles all around.

2. A bottle of wine or gourmet coffee (or tea)

If your clients are wine lovers, pick up a bottle of their favorite varietal or try something new that you think they’ll enjoy. If they’re more into coffee, grab a bag of beans from their favorite local roaster or whip up a festive mug with all the fixings.

Either way, your clients will appreciate the thoughtfulness and the tasty treat! You can include a note like: “Thanks a LATTE for your business!” or “Real Estate is my special-TEA” or even, “My business runs on wine — and your referrals!

3. A festive ornament

Nothing says ” Merry Christmas” like a beautiful ornament for the tree. You can find tons of unique ornaments at local boutiques or craft stores. Just be sure to choose one that reflects your client’s personality or interests.

4. A holiday-scented candle

Candles make any home feel warm and inviting, and there’s nothing like the scent of pine or gingerbread to get you in the holiday spirit. Pick up a festive candle (or two) for your clients, and they’ll be able to enjoy the holidays long after you’ve gone.

Be sure to check if they have pets before gifting them. Some scents can be harmful to furry friends. You can include a note like, “Have a SCENT-sational Holiday Season!

5. A gift card to their favorite local spot

If you really want to make your clients happy this holiday season, give them the gift of free food or pampering. Grab a gift card to their favorite restaurant, coffee shop, day spa or any other local business you know they love.

They’ll appreciate being able to treat themselves, and you’ll score major points for being super thoughtful.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Whatever you choose, delivering a festive pop-by is sure to put a smile on your client’s faces and show them how much you appreciate their business.


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