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RE/MAX launches ad campaign highlighting the agent's value

RE/MAX, one of the most widely recognized brands in the industry, has announced a new advertising campaign for 2023 that reinforces the agent’s value in the real estate transaction.

With the tagline, “The right agent can lead the way,” the campaign includes broadcast spots and digital assets that emphasize RE/MAX agents are experienced real estate professionals equipped to help consumers through any market.

“This year’s campaign took a unique, creative approach as we blended both emotion and reason,” Abby Lee, RE/MAX senior vice president of marketing and communications, said in a statement. “These spots convey core qualities of a skilled and experienced RE/MAX agent: patience, transparency and empathy. At the same time, they also encourage viewers to be thoughtful about choosing a real estate agent who has the expertise necessary to navigate the complexity of buying or selling a home.”

The campaign was developed in collaboration with Camp + King, an advertising agency RE/MAX has worked with for eight consecutive years. It was created following consumer research the brand conducted with feedback from about 400 consumers who bought or sold a home in the last 18 months or plan to do so in the next 24 months. From that research, RE/MAX found that the role of the home keeps evolving for consumers, and the right agent understands how emotional the idea of home can be and has the know-how to help guide clients through the homebuying or selling process.

Spots range from sentimental to humorous. In a longer one, a family with a young daughter navigates moving from a city apartment to a sprawling, secluded home with starry nights. By contrast, in a short-form series called “texts with your agent,” RE/MAX highlights some of the lighter moments between agent and client via text conversations superimposed over funny videos to match the conversations.

Whether comical or bittersweet, all the spots maintain core themes of the importance of home, an agent’s ability to connect and empathize with clients and the value of an agent’s expertise.

This year, RE/MAX took the new approach of releasing social and digital spots at different points interspersed throughout the year, based on timely real estate and consumer trends.

“The simple, easily digestible content of the digital and social spots allow us to highlight RE/MAX agents’ knowledge, experience and expertise in an engaging and dynamic way,” Stuart Ketelsen, RE/MAX vice president of strategies, said in a statement. “Always relevant to buyers and sellers, our goal is to inform and help people make the right decisions for themselves and their family.”

RE/MAX agents are also able to customize the new commercials via the RE/MAX Hustle website, an online marketing tool for agents, with their names, photos, contact information and a short message, as they’ve been able to with previous ad campaigns.

“Just as the role of home continues to evolve, we wanted to showcase how RE/MAX as a brand has also continued to evolve as it begins celebrating its 50th year,” Jamie King, CEO and chief strategy officer at Camp + King, said in a statement. “These spots will further drive brand recognition of a household name in real estate and the spots creatively bring the value of a RE/MAX agent to life for those who are considering the meaningful step of purchasing or selling a home.”


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