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Which Online Marketing Tool is Best for You?

The online realm has vast opportunities for reaching new communities and expanding business. Do you know which method works best for you and your online efforts? Keep reading to learn more about the different online routes you can take!

Social Media Presence

Social media is one of the most common ways to market your business online. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow users to reach different audiences and create personal content easily. There are many agents who receive tangible business from their social media efforts - but this also requires real, consistent activity on the platform. While social media can provide users with legitimate connections and growth, it takes time and effort to cultivate results. Agents who want to get the most out of social media have to put in the work!

Online Ads

Another great method for online activity is advertising. Agents can pay to run content for open houses, new listings, or brand exposure online with minimal time and effort. Most of the work that goes into running an ad takes place in the setup process. While ads can be effective for getting more eyes on your content, there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive business from an ad. For this reason, agents should set a realistic budget (and expectations!) when creating an ad. Depending on the kind of ad, agents may also have to keep an active eye out for any responses or engagements on the ad. Timeliness in a response could be the difference between gaining and losing someone’s business!


It’s common practice for real estate agents to have a website. Websites can host contact information, personal business details, and active listings. At RE/MAX Metro, we often suggest that our agents have some kind of website in their possession. Websites can also act as a landing page for online ads to provide you with every bit of information for that ad. We also suggest that agents consider having a blog on their website. Although SEO isn’t nearly as important for online success as it was 10 years ago, good, descriptive copy can improve your standing in search results. Plus, agents can create their own websites for free on platforms like Square Space or Wix.

Regardless of the method you choose, online efforts will time some amount of time and energy. Consider your wants and needs for your marketing efforts and decide which option works best for you. Set realistic goals and get practicing!

Upcoming Local Events

Join RE/MAX Metro’s own Glover Group for a beach cleanup at Gandy Beach! On Saturday, September 11th at 8:00 AM, all are welcome to help keep the ‘Burg beaches clean. Join us in honor of our local heroes, such as the firemen, policemen, and medical professionals, and out of love for our community.

To learn more about the event, visit the Gandy Beach Cleaup Facebook page here.


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