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Top 3 Remote Work Locations in Tampa Bay

In the last year or so, many people discovered the joys of working from home. For some in the greater Tampa Bay area, this is still their reality! Luckily, the local area is full of amazing, unique places for people to spend their workdays. Looking to shake up your remote working locations? Keep reading to learn more!

Don’t leave your pup behind! The Dog Bar in the Grand Central District of St. Petersburg provides a safe, fun atmosphere for all human and dog attendees with a membership. The Dog Bar has 5,000 square feet of space for the dogs to explore and a full-service bar. “Wooferees,” or Dog Park supervisors, monitor the dogs’ play behavior as they roam off-leash. This allows dog owners to give their pets an opportunity to play while they get work done. However, pet owners should still keep an eye on their dogs while they play! There is also both indoor and outdoor seating available. Look over the rules before bringing your pup for work and play!

This taproom is a newer addition to Tampa Heights! As the city’s first kombucha taproom, Flower Crown Kombucha has custom fermenters, designs specialized equipment, and constantly crafts unique flavors. The taproom has many seating options inside and in the outdoor courtyard. The facility is bright and open; this aesthetically pleasing location occasionally hosts events including birthday parties and weddings. Come see this awesome new space and enjoy your work with some kombucha in hand!

Book store meets wine bar at Book + Bottle in St. Petersburg! As a quiet, cozy space in the heart of Downtown St. Petersburg, customers can enjoy coffee, wine, and snacks while they work or read. All books inside the store are for sale, both in person and online! Book + Bottle supports many national and local organizations; there are many opportunities for customers to support different causes. This welcoming environment is the perfect getaway for remote work. Enjoy the calming atmosphere of Book + Bottle while you knock out your work!

Of course, the greater Tampa Bay area is home to countless other notable businesses that are perfect for remote work. Explore your local community to find the best workplace for you!

Upcoming Local Events

The Dog Bar is hosting the final foam party of summer! For only $5, members of the Dog Bar can bring their pups in to enjoy tear free, paraben free, bubbles from 2:00 PM until the bubbles run out. You (and your dog) don’t want to miss out on this event!

For more information about the event, visit the Dog Bar Foam Party Facebook page here.


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