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Video Content to Meet Your Goals

Video is quickly becoming the most relevant form of content for social media. Users can differentiate between time length, topic, and format of a video to achieve different goals. Nowadays, different kinds of video content can perform better when used in specific ways. What kind of video content should you make to meet your social media objectives? Keep reading to find out!

More Eyes: TikTok and Reels

TikToks and Instagram Reels are two of the fastest-growing forms of content in the current social media world. Users are able to record videos anywhere from a few seconds long to a minute in length and upload them in portrait orientation. These videos often follow a trend, whether it’s through using a popular audio sound, doing a trending dance, or using seemingly obscure topics to relate back to your niche. The nature of this form of video content is the perfect way to get more eyes on your posts. By following the trends and playing into what the platform wants you to do more of, you increase your chances of having your content viewed by a new audience member. Look for Reels on Instagram or log into the TikTok app to see what these kinds of videos might look like today. Then, try to think of ways you can create video content to expand your reach and increase your audience.

Re-Engage Your Audience: Reels

Instagram Reels can do more than just grow your audience - they can serve as a tool to re-engage your current audience! Instagram wants users to take advantage of the features offered on the platform. Because of this, Instagram celebrates the users that use tools like Reels consistently. Instagram AI looks for content that it wants to stand out on the platform (like Reels) and puts it in front of as many users as possible. Now that the days of a chronological feed are over, it’s vital for users to appeal to Instagram’s mission in order to reach your audience on a consistent basis. Users that seek a greater response rate from their current audience should focus on creating content for Reels!

Better Engagement: Stories

Likes and comments aren’t the only measures of success on social media. Direct messaging is a much more intentional and direct way to communicate with other users. A great way to increase this direct form of engagement is by utilizing Instagram Stories. Many of the features available to users on Stories encourage a specific response. Users can offer polls, questionnaires, slidebars, and more as an interactive form of content for their audience. In many cases, these interactive features can result in a real conversation. Although Stories only last for 24 hours, any direct message on Instagram will go straight to the “DMs” permanently (or until manually deleted). If your goal is to start a genuine, engaging conversation with your followers, post video content to your Stories at least a couple of times a week!

Do you have other goals for your online efforts? Reach out to the RE/MAX Metro team to get curated help for your business!

Upcoming Local Events

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