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To Boost or Not to Boost?

One of the most convenient ways to run ads online is through Facebook. By simply creating a post for your business page, you can run an ad for your desired length of time and budget. But for some agents, it can be difficult to know what to make an ad about! Curious to know what Facebook recommends their users to do for boosted posts? Keep reading below!

Meaningful Updates

A great way to expand your reach and market yourself as an expert is through meaningful updates. Whether it’s industry-related, niche-specific, or about the local area, look for something meaningful to boost on your business page. Once you’ve established yourself as an expert, people will associate you with that topic moving forward. This way, you can remain top-of-mind through your boosted posts! Facebook also recommends using engaging copy in the caption and eye-catching images to draw people in.

Unique Highlights

Whether it’s in life or in business, people love to celebrate each other’s successes! Post your highlights, personal stories, career accomplishments, and anything else to your business page. Then, boost the post to share your highlights with users outside of your normal sphere. This is a great way to get more eyes on your posts and increase awareness of your business. Try to find some interesting topics to highlight and boost on your business page!

Relevant Topics

Things are constantly changing in the real estate industry. Similar to boosting meaningful updates, you can boost relevant topics such as industry news or special offerings to keep users up to date. For instance, you can boost a post about one of your newest listings or a fun story about your recently sold listing. This is a great way to establish your activity in the industry while also providing an opportunity for a searching buyer or seller to reach out to you.

In truth, you can boost any one of your business page posts. Remember to keep text to a minimum in your images and to supply engaging copy for the caption! Also, utilize the “Learn More” or “Message” buttons to ensure users can take action. Then, select the “Special Ad Category” for any industry-related posts. With the correct criteria, your post will be boosted and shared with other users!

Upcoming Local Events

Florida is home to many beautiful, tropical plants. But what happens to our landscaping when a drought comes? Attend online the Drought Tolerant Plants workshop on August 25th to learn about over 60 wonderful options for planting in the current rainy climate. This free will run from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM and requires registration prior to attendance.

To learn more about the online event, visit the Drought Tolerant Plants Facebook event page here!


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