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Tina Herrell: From Flood Zone to Dream Home!

Most Florida residents are familiar with some of the challenges associated with living by the bay. Excessive rain, loud thunderstorms, flooding, and even hurricanes are common occurrences throughout the year in the greater Tampa Bay area. While many local residents have experienced some level of inconvenience with Florida’s storms, Tina Herrell with RE/MAX Metro knows just how damaging it can be.

In November of 2020, Tropical Storm Eta greeted the Tampa Bay area with 70 mph winds, ferocious rain, and record-breaking storm surges. Much of Pinellas County saw 3 to 8 inches of rain and as much as 4.19 feet of surge on top of the tide. The Treasure Island neighborhood Tina had lived in for over 13 years was no expectation. Although Tina was originally concerned with the new sod she and her husband, Tony, had just laid, that soon became the least of her worries; within a few hours of the start of the storm, Tina’s home was ankle-deep in water. “I've never seen it like this,” Tina said. “Not this deep.” Thankfully, Tina and Tony were unharmed and able to save their most important mementos. But the same could not be said for their home.

The weeks following Tropical Storm Eta revealed substantial water damage throughout the house. The hardwood flooring, carpet, walls, and other features needed more than a simple repair. Plus, the dock in the backyard was completely decimated. But heartbreaking as it was, Tina decided to make the best of it - the Herrell’s took on the daunting task of a full home remodel! For about three months, Tina and Tony lived in a little villa in Treasure Island while the renovations began. After moving back in, the house took another 9 months to complete its restoration to its former glory. “Tony and I decided if we were going to do this... let's go all out,” Tina said.

Along the way, Tina encountered various obstacles within the construction industry. Acquiring a permit and construction materials is already a tricky ordeal, but the added global pandemic made it a nightmare. The biggest challenge the Herrell’s faced was obtaining contractors for the job. In the end, Tina had to become the general contractor for their own home. Thankfully, Tony’s experience in the construction industry and Tina’s skillful adaptation to challenges made the whole project possible.

As long and difficult as the road was, Tina and Tony were rewarded for their patience and perseverance. They are now back in their original home and are enjoying the incredible renovations made along the way. New flooring, furniture, paint, boat dock, and much more have helped the home back into greatness. Plus, their upgrades went beyond a simple restoration: Tina and Tony installed a beautiful outdoor bar and patio to enjoy their waterfront view! Now, Tina can look back and say that it was worth the wait.

Throughout the whole process, Tina had to overcome many challenges. To get her home where it is today, Tina had to learn about home restoration, decor, and even more about the risks of having a home on the water. But as an added bonus to the wonderful result of her luxurious house, Tina now has greater knowledge to bring to her real estate career. She understands the risks and concerns associated with buying a home in Florida, and she also knows how to advise her clients should the worst happen.

Tina Herrell is a true visionary with amazing perseverance. To learn more about Tina’s story, visit her website here!

Tina Herrell

RE/MAX Metro

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