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The Power of Core Present

The next-generation CMA and presentation builder that helps you win the listing, win the offer, and wow clients every time. What is CORE Present?

CORE Present is the next evolution of dashCMA and a pioneering tool in the listing presentation space. It combines the streamlined CMA generation capability of dashCMA with all-new listing presentation tools for a seamless flow, both for you as the Agent creating it and your Sellers/Buyers as they review the information.

This add-on is designed to enhance the existing robustness of a listing presentation with a conversational flow that highlights your marketing, prospecting, and pricing confidence while keeping your conversations organized.

It takes the focus off your listing presentation, traditionally geared towards differentiating you from other Agents, and incorporates different personas so you can tailor the presentation different types of audiences.

Whether your audience is shopping Agents or on the fence about selling in the first place, CORE Present will help you organize the structure so your presentation hits home every time.

Insights from the CMA for the property in question are woven throughout the presentation, keeping the tone conversational and removing the intimidation to your audience that often accompanies stark data.

Interaction from your Sellers/Buyers with the CMA and/or listing presentation are automatically tracked and organized into easy-to-understand analytics. Your kvCORE Activity Stream will also show when a Seller or Buyer has viewed a shared presentation and the contact record will reflect the activity as well.

Why CORE Present?

Tell A Compelling Story With Accurate Data

Never again overwhelm buyers and sellers with data that doesn’t fit their needs. CORE Present lets agents interpret data based on your clients’ needs, so you tell a more compelling story that stands out. CORE Present is modern, intuitive, and easy to use, plus it’s optimized to let you quickly create and view customized presentations on any device. Presentations are far more conversational and visually engaging. You showcase yourself as the expert and win the offer and the listing every time.

Make A Great Impression Every Time

What aesthetic appeals to your client? What buying or selling hurdles are you trying to overcome? CORE Present helps you paint the right picture with design styles tailored to your client. Plus, you can prioritize the information in any order you choose to address what’s opportune now.

Focus On Precisely What’s Vital To Your Client

This is where CORE Present truly stands out: robust tracking lets you see what’s most important to your clients because it tracks their behavior. Where did your clients spend the most time? Did they spend more time looking at a specific comp? Were they more focused on the average time to sell? No other tool empowers agents to create a follow-up script that will get the deal done.

Showcase Your Brand

Your brand is invaluable, so CORE Present lets you brand every element of your presentation with much more than a simple header or logo. You stay on-brand with customization tools and a style guide that includes fonts, templates, colors, logos, imagery, and more, extending from page one to the end. You can also upload or create your own custom content. Your stunning presentation is a true representation of your brand and keeps the conversation going from prospect to close.


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