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The Local Expert Real Estate Agent

Real estate has everything to do with the local community. Agents have to be knowledgeable about the local area in order to serve their clients with the best results. Looking to improve your skills and establish yourself as a local expert? Keep reading to find out more!

Highlight Businesses

One of the most classic ways to establish yourself as a local expert is by highlighting local businesses. Agents can make social media posts about their favorite local shops, restaurants, and organizations. Personalize your posts by taking a picture or video of yourself at the local business. Then, write a great caption for the post that mentions a personalized story or your favorite aspects about the restaurant. By posting about local businesses in this manner, agents are able to show off their knowledge and activity in the local area. Plus, agents are able to have more in-depth conversations with their clients about their experience in the local area!

Attend Events

Take your activity in the local area to the next level by attending local events! Look for opportunities to get out in the local community and interact with others. Local events are the perfect place to network and establish real connections with other people. Plus, agents can post about their experience at the local event to further establish themselves as an active member of the community. Attending events allows the agent to connect more deeply with the local area, providing them with direct experience to share with clients. Saturday markets, charity events, fitness events, and others are constantly happening within the greater Tampa Bay area. Check out the City of St. Petersburg, Florida Facebook page (@StPeteFL) for planned events.

Upcoming Additions

Especially in St. Petersburg, cities are constantly growing and adding new additions to the business sphere. Prove your status as a local expert by informing your following about any upcoming local businesses or buildings. New apartment complexes, shops, and restaurants are perfect pieces of information to post online. Agents who post about local updates become reliable sources of information for others. Be sure to keep an eye out for updates about the local community and follow pages that provide more information about growth in the city. Then, find a way to make an organic post with a personalized touch!

Much of being a “local expert” has to do with experience. Agents are able to gain experience (and post material!) by getting out there and being active in the local community. Look for opportunities to further your connection to the local area and provide information for others to truly establish yourself as a local expert.

Upcoming Local Events

Get ready for Piertoberfest! Join the Oktoberfest celebration on the St. Pete Pier with German beers, food, and live music. By your tickets ahead of time to take part in the fun at the St. Pete Pier on September 25th and 26th.

For more information about the event, visit the Piertoberfest website here!


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