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Taylor Cox: Real Estate Agent, or Friend?

St. Petersburg, Florida is known for its lively culture, incredible local art, outdoor lifestyle, and so much more. Taylor Cox, a key member of the Summer Baker Group with RE/MAX Metro, looks for opportunities to use St. Pete’s features to grow her business. One of her favorite ways to create natural connections with others is by taking pictures throughout the city. In this setting, Taylor is able to show herself off as both a real estate agent and a friend! Want to learn how? Keep reading to find out!

Community Connections

When Taylor goes out into the local area to take pictures, she’s preparing ‘lifestyle shots’ for her social media posts. This may mean getting some pictures at her favorite local businesses, preparing holiday pictures, or even getting great pictures of herself for future use. In doing this, Taylor says that she can show potential clients that she is, “...well versed in the area and will be able to help guide them through their home selling or buying process.” Local knowledge is a huge part of real estate - and Taylor’s hands-on experience in the area makes her a true expert!

A Real Person

Taylor can also use these lifestyle shots to show off her personality. In just one shoot, Taylor can take pictures in a few different outfits to express different aspects of her life. This might look like a walk in the park with her dogs, hanging out at the beach, or even getting work done in a local coffee shop. Regardless of the topic, Taylor can use pictures like these to let her audience know who she is and what she’s interested in outside of real estate. In today’s online world, this is more important than ever. People want to do business with someone they can relate to - and Taylor does an awesome job in putting out personalized, relatable content!

Making the Sale

However, the value of taking pictures in the local area goes beyond online potential. Taylor has met many new clients and friends by simply getting out there and having fun! During one of her shoots, Taylor had someone come up to her and ask what she was doing. Instantly, Taylor was able to make a natural connection with that person. All it took was being present and willing to have a casual conversation in the local area. Other agents can take a page out of Taylor’s book by being in the local community and open to meeting new people.

Agents can get business from anywhere. While some may rely on referrals, others may look to online advertising. However, there are always opportunities in the local area to meet someone new, be yourself, and make a natural connection over a common interest. Get out there and be yourself - you never know who you might meet!

Taylor Cox

RE/MAX Metro

Upcoming Local Events

Here comes the 2nd Annual Smacks Bayou Christmas Boat Parade! On Saturday, December 18th at 6:00 PM, the Smacks Bayou will host another amazing boat parade. Attendees can enjoy local food vendors, amazing Christmas lights, and also support Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital and Smacks Bayou Oyster Restoration.

For more information about the event, visit the 2nd Annual Smacks Bayou Christmas Boat Parade Facebook page here!


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