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Summer Baker's Awesome Instagram Feed!

The social media world can be a tough place for real estate agents to thrive. The balance between personal content, business, and even a solid posting schedule can be overwhelming! But for agents like RE/MAX Metro’s Summer Baker, operating social media can become second nature! Want to learn more about how Summer manages such an awesome Instagram presence? Keep reading to find out!


To some agents, posting personal content on a business page might sound like a huge no-no. But in reality, your business page is the perfect place to post about yourself! The average person uses social media for one primary reason: entertainment. A social media user will consume entertaining content from any account - business or personal. Because Summer understands this, she regularly puts out personalized content on her business page. She includes images of her face, shares a fun, personal story, and expresses herself in a genuine way. Summer lets her audience get to know the real her in each of her posts, without sharing too much information about her personal life. This may take practice for some, but personalized content can really help with exposure online!

Mixing in Business

Amidst the personalized social media posts, agents can also sprinkle in business-oriented content. This could look like client testimonials, personal transaction stories, pictures with clients, and even fun listing shots. Summer looks for creative, original ways to highlight her business online without coming off as “salesy.” Even within her industry-related posts, Summer finds a way to add a personal touch to every bit of content. She includes images of herself in the post and comes up with excellent copy for the captions. This helps her to create unique, dynamic content throughout her Instagram feed.


A major key to success on social media is consistency. Some agents post several times a week, while others opt to post only a couple of times a month. Regardless of the frequency, it’s important to be consistent with your posting. Additionally, agents should try to post the same quality of content in every post. Summer has well-shot, colorful pictures across her entire Instagram feed to create a consistent look. She also posts every few days on a consistent basis to put out personalized, engaging content. This dedication to activity and quality on her social media illustrates her intentional thinking and effort on the platform.

Finding success on Instagram takes a lot of trial and error. However, most agents can implement personalization, occasional business-centered posts, and consistency to help the process along! If Summer’s feed has inspired you, reach out to our team to uncover further tips and strategies for social media success!

Summer Baker

RE/MAX Metro

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