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RE/MAX CCO Nick Bailey on ‘Leveling Up’ Your Business

In the ever-changing industry of real estate, agents have to consistently find ways to “level up” and stay ahead of the competition. At this year’s 2021 RE/MAX R4 conference, RE/MAX CCO Nick Bailey discussed how agents can “level up” their business through innovation, attitude, and vision. Looking for simple steps on how you can level up your business? Keep reading below!

Appeal to AI

For many real estate agents, social media is an excellent place to grow your audience, reach new communities, and even generate business. For agents to find real success online, they first need to understand how to get the most out of their efforts. Bailey considers AI, or artificial intelligence, to be a major influential factor in how people operate on social media. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have highly advanced AI that is able to keep people engaged while rewarding “successful” users. So how can you appeal to AI to benefit your business? Use features on the platform to show AI you know how to navigate the site. For example, create content for Instagram Reels and Facebook videos whenever possible. Additionally, try to put out content that your audience will engage with. This shows AI that you are an active user that people want to see more of. Hopefully, appealing to AI will direct users outside of your immediate audience towards your page. This will give you a better opportunity to expand your sphere and get your message out there!

Cultivate Your Image

Similar to appealing to social media AI, agents can actively work to cultivating their image. Agents should find a balance between coming off as a genuine person while also highlighting your business when appropriate. A great way to cultivate your image is through quality photography and effective branding. First, consider getting lifestyle shots taken of you to use on social media and in marketing pieces. These photos will help establish yourself in the industry while also giving people an accurate idea of who you are. Additionally, use quality photography for your listing photos to establish a level of credibility and professionalism in your business. Then, work to create the right brand image for your business. Select color palettes, text, and images to use across all marketing and social media channels. This will maintain consistency and help you become easily recognizable to others.

Stay Educated

One of the only true consistencies in the real estate industry is that nothing stays the same for too long. For this reason, agents need to stay up to date on all changes both in the market and in their various channels. Bailey urges agents to avoid falling victim to constant changes in the industry and online. To stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the competition, agents should actively educate themselves on all avenues of their business. Pay close attention to social media trends, market updates, inventory status, and even updates to online platforms. This will prepare you for changes and allow you to roll with the punches. One effective way to execute this is by following and watching social media influencers and other industry professionals to see how they successfully navigate changes. Then, take a page out of their own book and apply the same efforts to your business.

Although there is no one way to “level up” your business, any of these suggestions will provide you with a great start. Try out different tactics and see what proves to be the best fit for you and your business. And, as always, reach out to our team for any questions!

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