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Negotiating the Deal: Tactics You Need to Know!

Negotiation is one of the most vital components of a real estate transaction. Agents can completely change the outcome of a deal based on their tactics and approach to negotiations. For both new and experienced agents, negotiation techniques should always be considered and improved when necessary. Keep reading to learn or revisit crucial negotiation tactics every real estate agent should know!


Skilled negotiators are able to remain calm and professional throughout the most difficult moments of negotiation. For some, the process of buying or selling a home can become exciting and emotional. Agents must stay objective in order to acknowledge the emotions without bending to them completely. The agent must protect their clients and secure a realistic deal with a level head. Although objectivity is often obtained through experience, agents practice the skill in their daily lives to refine their abilities.

Know Your Needs

After becoming familiar with the listing, agents should be able to recognize aspects that affect the value of the home. Cost of repairs, deep cleaning, and general maintenance may be required before heading to a transaction. Real estate agents should be able to identify the concessions and repairs needed for the listing. Beyond that, agents must have an idea of the time, money, and overall inconvenience of the repairs. An experienced agent will be able to pinpoint these areas and help move the process forward.

Building Bridges

Negotiations are often tense. It’s common for the process to become emotional and draining for everyone involved. However, a negotiation aims to work with the other party to reach a point of agreement. The buyers and sellers have to come together to create a mutually beneficial decision. In the process, it’s important for the buyers, sellers, and agents to build bridges - not tear them down. This often takes patience, determination, and skill. Successful agents are able to navigate the process by creating good relationships with each of the involved parties.

What are your strengths and weaknesses in the negotiation process? Consider the points above and see how you can improve to make the negotiation process as smooth and successful as possible. With practice, knowledge, and patience, agents can use negotiation tactics to seal an excellent deal!

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