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Mission Accomplished!

Our mission to assist with the efforts to help our neighbors to the south has been accomplish. We want to once again thank everyone for your support and assistance with this goal.

All items were finally collected and loaded up on Thursday. We made the trip down to North Ft. Myers Friday and linked up with the Cajun Navy. The great news is they have now reached a point of overflowing with contributions and donations. They have shifted their efforts now to vetting local churches, and other groups that are distributing everything to those truly in need. We were given an address to a local Church in Cape Coral and it absolutely could not have been more of a perfect fit! This place was bustling with hard working volunteers, collecting, sorting and packing everything for specific families and individuals. The Pastor of the Church had been spending time assisting with recovery, cleaning and getting a true idea of what is needed. They were absolutely blown away at just how generous our amazing group had been.

Special Thank you to David Vann, Steve Michalski, and Chip Hall for stepping up to make the drive and delivery. Also, thank you Linda, Jennifer and Julie for helping with loading and unloading.

It takes a village and I could not be more proud of how our Company stood up and made it happen!!


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