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Measuring Success: Are Your Online Efforts Worth It?

Users who want genuine, substantial results from their social media efforts often put time, thought, and effort into their posts. However, real estate agents often have a lot on their plate without the added stress of social media! For this reason, agents should focus their efforts on aspects to actually make an impact. Keep reading to find out more!

What is “good” engagement?

Some people measure social media success based on the interactions they receive from their audience. A helpful way to gauge if your social media content is getting good engagement is to compare the “likes” to “follows.” As a rule of thumb, users should aim to get at least a 10% response rate on their content. For example, a user with 100 followers would want to get at least 10 likes on a post. If your response rate is below 10%, it may indicate that your audience isn’t regularly looking to engage with the kind of content you’re posting. Or, it could mean that your audience is most inactive. In either case, you can work to increase engagement by creating new, unique, and personalized content. This will likely resonate well with your audience and produce a better response!

How consistent is the response?

Another aspect to look at is the consistency of responses to your content. First, consider the different social media platforms you stay active on; is your response rate the same across all pages? Then, take a look at your posts that received more engagement than normal. What was the post format? Some audiences will respond more to video than they will to a collection of photos. Finally, consider the topics of your posts. Does your audience respond more to your personal posts or business posts? The consistency of the audience’s response can give a user great insight into improving the response rate.

Meet your audience’s needs!

Once you’ve established your target response rate and the kind of content that your audience responds the most to, you can create a content plan to meet their needs! By catering to your audience’s desires, you’ll establish a better standing online and will have more opportunities to start genuine conversations with your audience. Plus, Facebook rewards successful content: the more your audience interacts with your content, the more likely it is that non-followers will see the post. Over time, this may result in an increase in your audience size!

Of course, there are no guarantees with social media. Sometimes, even “perfect” content may go unnoticed. For this reason, it’s important to keep at it and post consistently. This way, you’ll reach your audience more frequently and get better reactions. Focus your efforts on the content that your audience wants to see!

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