Kaitlyn Kellin Celebrates Her Clients!

Kaitlyn Kellin, one of RE/MAX Metro’s incredible agents, constantly works to be successful on social media. She’s made a habit of putting out consistent, high quality content that reminds her audience of who she is. One of the key factors to executing this strategy is through celebrating her clients! Keep reading to learn how Kaitlyn uses her social media to support her clients and increase reach online.

Social Media Posts

On both Facebook and Instagram, Kaitlyn puts out consistent social media posts for her followers. Throughout her feed, Kaitlyn creates posts featuring client testimonials and celebratory posts for her clients. In her client testimonials, Kaitlyn shares a quote from a past client on what they thought of her as an agent. Then, Kaitlyn also shares pictures with her and her clients when they close on a home. The combination of these two kinds of posts illustrates her success in the industry while also highlighting her clients in a personal way. Plus, her clients are free to share her post on their own social media, which increases reach and can potentially grow her audience!


The captions of these client celebration posts are always well thought out and personal. Kaitlyn shares quotes, funny stories about the transaction process, and even personal stories about her clients. These kinds of captions captivate her audience and are able to generate real, authentic interactions from her audience. As with all social media posts, a good caption should encourage a response and keep the social media user wanting more. Kaitlyn’s storytelling ability does just that! As she celebrates her clients, her followers come alongside to do the same.

A Genuine Presence

As with much of Kaitlyn’s social media efforts, her client-centered posts establishes her as a real, genuine presence in the online community. While she succeeds in including images of herself and her clients in her posts, the addition of an engaging story illustrates Kaitlyn’s personality and establishes herself as a personable user. Through this authentic social media approach, Kaitlyn is able to build real relationships with her audience and create a consistent image of herself online. For many, establishing a genuine presence is a crucial element of social media success - and Kaitlyn does it perfectly!

Did you know RE/MAX Metro has an in-house team of social media experts? Proficient in everything from composing the perfect caption to running dynamic ads online, the Tech Team is always happy to assist RE/MAX Metro agents in bettering their online presence. Reach out to our team to learn more!

Kaitlyn Kellin

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