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Her honest opinion... Jane McCroary with Full Leverage

Jane McCroary, one of RE/MAX Metro’s Top Agents, is a raving fan for RE/MAX’s Full Leverage program. Full Leverage is a comprehensive coaching and development program that teaches real estate agents, new practices, strategies, and concepts to make their business the best it can be! This program offers the entire playbook for what RE/MAX did and everything they currently use to run their brokerage.

“I just started this package – it’s awesome!! This would have been great to have when I started, but it’s also incredibly valuable ‘knowing enough to be dangerous.’ It helps having some knowledge and experience already so that the additional tips can be discerned. It is also a great help to understand which tools do what – the main reason why I haven’t leveraged as much as I should. Thank you so much to the Metro team for the amazing job putting this together!” – Jane McCroary

With Full Leverage, you get a pre-built system with everything an agent could need to run a systemized, consistent, and profitable business while being fully customizable and adaptable to each brokerage’s specific needs. Contact our team to learn more about RE/MAX Metro and the incredible Full Leverage program!

Jane McCroary

(727) 348-3888

Our RE/MAX Metro Team:

Tracey Strube, Sr Managing Broker/ VP Broker Operations 727-777-5956


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