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How Do You Start Two-Way Conversations Online?

Social media is one of the greatest tools online to create real, authentic connections with other people online. For agents, those connections can have a huge impact on their business. So how can you start those conversations? Keep reading to find out!

Engaging Content

The first step to creating genuine conversations online is to post engaging content. Social media is an entertainment tool; if an audience is not “entertained” by the content, there’s a good chance they won’t engage with it. Agents should look for ways to create content that will resonate with their audience. More often than not, online users will respond well to personalized, unique content. This means users should aim to post content that concerns their daily lives, personal hobbies, and interests. Users should also work to create good, descriptive copy for their posts. Think about the story you want to communicate and put it into words!

Active Participation

Most audiences look to follow users that are active - but this means a lot more than just making posts. Users can start great conversations online through a genuine response; personalized comments, responses to comments, and other replies establish active participation with other users. Additionally, users should go out of their way to “engage” with content by liking, commenting, or sharing posts. This lets people know that you are interested in their content and willing to celebrate them online. You can use response and engagement to open the door for an actual connection and conversation with other people online. Without active contact, though, this is much more difficult to achieve.

The Best Features

Instagram has specific features to create an opportunity for conversation on the platform. Using Instagram Stories, users can add interactive buttons including polls, questionnaires, slide bars, and many more to invoke a response from Story viewers. Because of the temporary nature of Stories, these features seem “low-commitment” to users. This means users are more likely to respond to them then they would to a normal feed post. Then, once someone interacts with some of these features, the interaction is saved permanently in Instagram DMs. This is where you come in! Use the Story response to start a conversation in your DMs and create a real connection with those users. Look for features that can spark a conversation on your social media platforms.

Two-way conversations online take intentionality. Take the time to create good content, make authentic responses, and set the stage for real conversation. In time, this will help you to build a committed audience - and hopefully, to grow your business!

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