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Getting Back to Basics

November 8th, 2022

An Agent Driven Discussion on Getting Back to the Basics with your Business.

Moderator- Broker Larry Williams

Guest Panel- Kelly Hayden, Julie Jones and Estelia Mesimer

Work on your Business Plan

Julie Jones:

Not every agent has the same kind of budget. You have to make sure the right people are on it. Go back to the old list and re-prospect people who didn't do business with you before. I have maintained my old list but have removed some.Post your info on bulletin boards, make friends with HOA managers, pay a small fee to get on a flyer. Farm a specific location. Know a little about it, even if you only sold 1 property at that location, know a little about it.

Kelly Hayden:

Focus on Human Capital. Hire someone specifically for that.

Estelia Mesimer:

Review your advertising/budget plan. I do green light/red light 2 times a year. Touch each contact at least 10 times per year. I send out recipes, postcards, something personal, like birthdays. Print marketing materials are available on Megaphone for Design Ads.

Larry Williams:

Time to review your monthly expenses and make a strategic plan on marketing

kvCORE and Megaphone offer a variety of free marketing materials

1. Quick Start to kvCORE (Playbook) Start Here!

Automated social media graphics, print marketing materials

We also have our portal with our partner Real Marketing for print design

Re-engage their past clients

Julie Jones:

kvCore is a great opportunity to review your list and make sure all data is up to date. You can make an easy call to confirm your clients info is up to date, see how they are doing. I'd probably get more business if I prospected my clients, even just checking in with them to see if their contact info is correct.

Kelly Hayden:

Going through kvCore and making sure contacts are uploaded (turn around time right now is 3 days). Submit CSV file to kvCore. When past clients ask about the market, try to push out the positives.

Estelia Mesimer:

I touch my clients 2 times a year. I make sure they get my mail. I make sure client info is up to date. Christmas cards are my 2nd outreach. I use personal touches such as Facebook, personal activities, events, inviting clients to lunches/ dinners.

Larry Williams:

Referrals are the foundation of a successful real estate business

Re-engage with past clients through kvCORE - Join the Private Group!

First App

Drip campaigns

The number of daily contacts you make equate to the number of contracts you will have per year. All people are contacts.

Refocus on the Fundamentals

Julie Jones:

Open Houses have the most significant effect. I do Open Houses every single weekend. I have a goal at an open House to connect with at least 1 person that walks in. I make a personal connection with at least 1 person. I ask them questions, and I tailor the conversation around that. I ask them what they are there for, are they into the house, buying/ selling etc.

Kelly Hayden:

Open Houses have been the most significant for me. I used to have a feedback card that had a checklist for things like curb appeal, etc. I would hand them a card and a pen and always follow up. I always had a buyer package. I would share the app and get their phone # and they can respond with follow up from there. Caravans are so good.

Estelia Mesimer:

Open Houses, have the app send it to the clients. Have a printout with only a bit of info. This will make them want to call you back to ask you more. Know your inventories, do Brokers Opens.

Larry Williams:

Even as the world changes and more of our business turns digital, there are still real estate fundamentals that continue to be relevant.

Open Houses

Video touches

Expired listings



Refresh Online Presence

Julie Jones:

I went into my profile, re-wrote description of myself and current market. I keep my BIO short, people don't want to read a lot. You can't avoid social media, you have to do it. Don't just post things, post a pic of yourself doing it. Make it funny, Make it with your clients if they let you.

Kelly Hayden:

I'm a task driven person. I block out time to focus on tasks and clients.

Estelia Mesimer:I change content a bit, I copy and paste from other realtors and change it around in my own wording. I do daily market reports.I do daily updates on all property changes and shares with my clients. It's hard to be at all. Linked In is for Business people, Instagram is for younger people, and Facebook is for the older groups. I change online content per group.

Larry Williams:

In today's digital age, having a robust online presence is as important as having a physical one.

Refresh Website

Refresh social media, using the following tools



RE/MAX Hustle


Renew Your Mind

Julie Jones:

I listen to alot of Podcasts, focusing on personal improvement.

Kelly Hayden:

I do podcasts, therapy, and exercise. I re-engage with people in general. I cook for clients and give personal touches.

Estelia Mesimer:

We all have fear. You have to re-engage yourself, re-motivate yourself. I don't want to be around or hear negativity. I always keep conversations positive. I focus on my health , and myself.

Larry Williams:

RE/MAX University

Continuing education

National coaches

Explore Tech training

Join the Metro + kvCORE

Stay up to date on coming technology and releases

Register for R4 Conference held in Las Vegas, February, 2023 RE/MAX 50th Year Celebration. You won’t want to miss!

Open Questions from the Group

“What podcasts would you recommend?”

Julie Jones:

School of Greatness: Lewis Howes

Parenting in the 21st Century

Kelly Hayden:

enneagram podcast- learn about your strengths and weaknesses and how others are affected by you. A lot of spiritual/ meditation

Tom Lahue (Minister)

Estelia Mesimer:

Tom Ferry- very motivatingTom Ferry- very motivating

“What do you think of today's market mirrors?”

Kelly Hayden


Estelia Mesimer:

Social media is the biggest change. Staying up to date with current reality. This market will take longer to sell. People are used to getting multiple offers. Learn to get longer listing agreements. Be more wise how you are going to market property.

“What advice would you give to yourself in your first 2 years of business?”

Julie Jones:

Be ready to shift & adjust. Go back to farming. Take your clients to lunch, make them something, let them see you take a real estate call. Persistence is the key to this business.

Kelly Hayden:

Persistence is key. Find a group you are interested in with like-minded people. Re-invest in your business.

Estelia Mesimer:

Stay positive, stay persistent


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