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Gabe Alves-Tomko and the Perfect Video Tour

Gabe Alves-Tomko, one of RE/MAX Metro’s incredible agents, is a Facebook star! With consistent posting, personalized content, and a variety of types of posts throughout his feed, Gabe has his Facebook activity down to a science! One of the many things Gabe does well is video tours. Want to know what makes Gabe such a pro? Keep reading to find out!

Video is King

In the last few years, Facebook has been promoting the use of video over other forms of content. This “video-centric” theme can be seen clearly in Gabe’s Facebook feed. Gabe likes to post occasional videos of family outings, local experiences, industry-related topics, and so on. This gives his audience a variety of content to consume from his account and shows Facebook that he can use the platform the “right” way. While Gabe’s friends or clients might not care about the number of videos he posts a week, Facebook AI does take note of it. Gabe does a great job with posting videos to maintain his online standing and provide a variety of content for his audience.

Shows off Business

Video tours are an excellent way to promote business and put out personalized, industry related content. Sprinkled throughout his feed, Gabe’s video tours show his consistency in the real estate industry. It also can illustrate the kinds of homes Gabe tends to represent as an agent. At RE/MAX Metro, we often encourage agents to follow an 80 - 20 Rule with their social media. 80% of content should be personal, while 20% of content is industry related. In posting a video tour, agents can create an industry related post while including an aspect of personalization. Gabe achieves this by including himself in the shot and letting his personality shine through the video!

Perfect Post Setup

Gabe makes a point to create a video tour for his listings where he can describe features, give location information, and show his face. Since social media content tends to perform better when the user’s face is included in the content, Gabe gets bonus points for it! Additionally, Gabe tends to keeps the video free of any text pop-ups and includes all necessary information in the caption of the post. He also includes emojis in the caption as a fun visual. Each of his videos has its own composition; while one video may include an actual walk-through of the listing, others may contain verbal information about the listing shot from a single room. This is a great way to break up Gabe’s content and provide his audience with variety.

Creating the perfect video tour doesn’t have to mean spending hundreds of dollars, either. Gabe is able to create a great piece of content simply by pulling out his phone, recording a couple of takes, and making a post! Like Gabe does so well, strip away the stress of recording a video and keep it short. Briefly describe the listing, show off a few features, and encourage your audience to reach out! Make the video your own - and try to have fun with it!

Gabe Alves-Tomoko

RE/MAX Metro

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