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Can Online Reviews Grow Your Business?

Online reviews have the power to steer clients to or away from a product or service. In real estate, online reviews and client testimonials have the same role. Your online reviews will give people an idea of who you are and how you navigate the industry. Want to see how your online reviews can help you increase your business? Keep reading to find out!

The Right Message

In the last few decades, online shopping and social media have seen a rise in popularity in the business world. Customers will often look at reviews before making a decision on which product or service they will use. For real estate agents, reviews can determine whether or not they’ll get a client. This is why it’s important to have a collection of positive reviews associated with your online presence. The content of your reviews will give potential clients insight into who you are as an agent. To convey the right message online, be sure to ask your clients to leave good reviews on your social media pages and websites. Over time, you’ll be able to build a strong online resume with a multitude of supporters.

Social Media Standing

Whether you have reviews on Facebook, Google, Zillow, or LinkedIn, reviews can play an important role in your online standing. Social media AI often looks for accounts that utilize all different features of the platform. This may include posts, stories, photos, and even reviews. When a user searches for a real estate agent or gets suggested accounts to follow, an account with many reviews is more likely to appear at the top results. However, more reviews do not guarantee an additional 100 followers overnight. Instead, it increases your chances of growth on the platform. Agents may want to prioritize getting more reviews to expand their reach online and increase the size of their sphere.

Actual Growth

Without a formal introduction, users have to rely on an online perspective to get to know you. Your feed and activity can help with that, but reviews establish what others think of you. While AI can do a lot to put your account in the eyes of new users, your clients can do this just as effectively. By leaving reviews on your social media accounts, users are connecting themselves to you. In turn, friends and followers of those users can see exactly what they thought of your services. This can act as an excellent tool for growth in a personalized way. Many agents get their business from referrals - and online reviews are one and the same!

Online reviews are a great way to establish an online reputation and reach new communities. Ask your clients to leave reviews on your pages to create a vault of positive feedback!

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