Ashley Tyson: The TikTok Real Estate Queen!

Social media success is heavily tied to activity. The amount of time you spend interacting with other users and creating content will directly influence your “performance” on the platform. As someone who understands this concept well, Ashley Tyson with RE/MAX Metro has become a master in TikTok and Instagram Reel content creation! Curious to see how she does it? Keep reading to learn more!

TikTok & IG Reels

TikTok’s and Instagram Reels have quickly become a popular form of new content across the social media sphere! Featuring about one minute of video content and with multiple features available to add on, TikTok’s and Reels are an excellent way to create trending material for social media. Ashley Tyson has created numerous TikTok’s and Reels to post across her social media channels over the past year. She actively participates in the current trends and creates relevant content for her audience to consume. With practice and commitment, Ashley’s skill has grown significantly in the online realm!

Comedic Content

Real estate agents have countless content opportunities to try out with TikTok’s and Reels. One of Ashley’s classic themes for her content is centered around comedic real estate moments. She reenacts frustrating real estate experiences with dubbed over audio or creates chaotic scenarios with a touch of humor for entertainment. But even while Ashley is making her audience laugh, she is actively informing them on what works (and what really doesn’t) in the real estate industry. This comedic content allows her to connect with her following in a light, personal way while also providing helpful information in the process. Although it can be difficult to produce memorable content for social media, Ashley seems to do it effortlessly!

Listing Highlights

One of the most industry-appropriate, entertaining topics for agents to cover in TikTok’s and Reels are your listings. Ashley occasionally creates a brief virtual walk-through of one of her listings to highlight the home’s features. She pairs the video with some fun music, text, and contact information to keep the viewers engaged. These kinds of TikTok-style videos are extremely effective due to the limited information provided, which leaves the viewer curious and wanting more. When all else fails, a listing highlight TikTok or Reel is the perfect form of content to switch up your feed.

Although Ashley Tyson maintains multiple elements in her social media strategy that make her successful, possibly the biggest one is consistency. She works hard to create engaging content that keeps her audience wanting more. Work to maintain consistency in your social media efforts if you want to see results like Ashley’s!

Ashley Tyson

RE/MAX Metro



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