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Adam Contos says, “Nobody can hear you.”

In a world where social media is becoming more and more populated, it can be difficult to make your voice heard. The online realm is polluted with ‘loud’ competition that can make it harder for you to reach your target audience. How can you rise above the noise and be heard? Keep reading to learn about some vital tips from RE/MAX’s Adam Contos!

Digital Pollution

Why is it so hard to fight through the digital noise? In many businesses, a person's ability to reach people can often be the determining factor of success. In real estate, agents are reliant

on the ability to communicate with the right people. This means agents have to be able to set themselves apart from others.


Adam Contos, CEO of RE/MAX, says the best way to rise above the competition is through commonality. “People want to know that they have something in common with you before they do business with you,” Adam says. Customers will often look for people or businesses that they have something in common with, whether it's a hobby, lifestyle aesthetic, or even the support of a particular cause. Of course, agents do tend to love real estate - but there are also a lot of other factors that make you, you!

It’s about Humans

The focus of online communication should always come back to one key factor: people. Thoughtful, intentional, and personal messages are often more appealing to people than disingenuous, ‘canned’ ones. “It comes down to the root of kindness, which is caring about each other,” says Adam. When we look for ways to truly help others and create meaningful connections, we can be heard more clearly above the rest of the noise online.

Check out Human-Centered Communication: A Business Case Against Digital Pollution to learn more about creating successful connections with stakeholders!

Upcoming Local Events

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To learn more about the event, visit the Two-Day Holiday Market Facebook page here!


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