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4 Things Your Sellers Need to Know

As we dive into 2022, the real estate market still appears to favor sellers over buyers. But in a hectic market, it’s important to prioritize aspects of the industry to reduce stress and navigate the process smoothly. So what do your sellers need to know in 2022? Keep reading to find out!

Market Trends

The market can change substantially in a short amount of time. As a seller prepares to list their home, they must consider the current and projected market trends. Agents should work with the sellers to find non-biased analyses of the market. This will help sellers to set realistic expectations for the listing and transaction processes. Plus, it can have an impact on the kinds of methods and strategies used to proceed with selling.

Comparable Homes

The agent should also show sellers data on comparable homes. This may include information about the number of offers, terms of negotiation, duration of time on the market, and so on. The seller needs to get a clear idea of how similar properties are currently selling. Collect a variety of comparable listings to show the sellers and explain the various factors and circumstances that impacted the sale.


Many buyers find location to be a big determining factor in selecting their next home. Sellers need to be able to identify the factors associated with location that draw buyers in. Walkability, the school district, local businesses, and other specific needs can play a part in a success of a sale. Do research about current appeals for buyers in today’s market to ensure the sellers can communicate them to buyers effectively.


In some cases, seasonality can affect the way a seller may price their home. A comprehensive understanding of the market, both current and past, may help sellers to predict how their homes may sell in the respective season. For example, a seller that lists their home during summer or winter school holidays could have different success than a seller that lists during the school year. Thorough research will be able to shed light on the right time for the seller to list.

Whether an agent is helping a seller or buyer with real estate, all parties may reach a more desirable outcome for the sale by first having a thorough understanding of these aspects. Take the time to research, learn, and implement these components into your services - especially with sellers in 2022!

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